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LAFUMA zero gravity reclining chairs are also suitable for indoor use. We offer various cushioning options for you to enjoy maximum comfort in a position that replicates weightlessness. All foldable and available in multiple colors, they can easily blend into your living room or be taken anywhere for comfortable getaways. Discover the technical features of our mattresses: Becomfort® is UV-resistant, while Sunbrella®offers a particularly contemporary look and is easy to maintain.
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As consumers veer toward wellness and better living, demand for high-end comfort grows exponentially, furniture included! Guided by our conviction that there is an art to living, we’re here to help you choose your indoor zero-gravity chair!

Indoor zero-gravity chair – FAQs

Time to get some facts straight! Sit back, chillax and enjoy the zero-gravity chair indoor ride!

Why opt for a padded relaxation chair?

It’s simple! Padded means quilted, and quilted means cozying up nice and soft, any time, whether you’re reading a book, taking a nap or watching a movie.

Are quilted lounge chairs water and sun resistant?

In a word, yes. Our extensive range of fabrics – AirComfort®, BeComfort®, Hedona® are all 100% breathable, while our Sunbrella® – line is water-repellent. Together, these zero-gravity chairs for indoor use dry quickly, withstand humidity and preserve their color in the basking midday sun! To cap things off, our steel structure’s polyester powder coated paint is specially designed to resist rust.

Do reclining chairs come with accessories?

We sell an array of top-notch accessories separately, so you can make the most of your zero-gravity chair, whether indoors or outdoors. The latter include cup holders made from recycled plastic, a parasol, and to top it off, a bath sheet, blanket and storage cover; all courtesy of our very own Relax® range!

What is the best indoor zero-gravity chair?

LAFUMA MOBILIER offers you a wide selection of the best indoor zero-gravity chair models. While comfort is never in doubt, it’s vital you know the differences between our diverse and inclusive models, to pick the model fit for your precise purpose!

Futura AirComfort® is the go-to lounge chair for relaxing, with its “3-layer” pad and our patented elastomer clip innovation and removable headrest cushion that delivers firmer comfort, sturdy back support and ease of installation. With its protective footrest bar and four non-slip feet pads, it’s the ideal remedy enjoying some quality downtime in your living room.

Futura XL AirComfort® retains all the benefits and features of our above Futura range, albeit with the enhanced comfort of a larger seat pad and reinforced seat bar, holding up to 300 lbs. The final flourish is the XL model’s all-round versatility with its foot glides and protective ring that are specially designed for interior use, by the fireplace, but also on patios and balconies, under the veranda, and not to mention the garden.

Next up is our Bayanne Sunbrella® reclining chair, which is all about ergonomics! Our multi-position chair is notably designed without head and feet cross bars but always equipped with fixed armrests. Together, these features combine with Sunbrella®, a leading fabric brand, to make this model the perfect antidote to chillaxation for larger body types. Inclusivity, check (once more)!

Another Made in LAFUMA model sold in the United States is the RSXA Clip AirComfort®, renowned for its HEL (High Elastic Limit) steel tubing, which is guaranteed to achieve resistance, whatever the UV levels, whatever the weather conditions!

Last but certainly not least is our Evolution BeComfort®, our premium bestseller, not only recognized for its ever-lasting durability, but also its effortless blend of snug indoor loungers and the multi-purpose, uber-adjustable constructions of an outdoor chair, as illustrated by its numerous attachment points from frame to canvas.

What’s the difference between a zero-gravity chair for indoors and outdoors?

An indoor zero-gravity chair is distinguished from its outdoor equivalent thanks to its extra-padded seat. Outdoor models only have canvas seats. What’s more, the indoor zero-gravity chair is not just multi- but all-purpose, for use in living rooms, offices, verandas, terraces and the list goes on!

What are the benefits of an indoor zero-gravity chair?

Number one: versatility, thanks to the multitude of armrest positions. Number two: chillaxation where our patented elastomer clips connect the indoor zero-gravity chair frame to the canvas. Now you can rest, relax and relieve any stress! It’s why relaxing is simply unequaled.

How to choose your LAFUMA MOBILIER indoor zero-gravity chair?

Designed for your life, LAFUMA’s collection is impressive. Let us help you decide the best indoor zero-gravity chair!

What of these zero-gravity chair (indoor) models then?

Our current collection includes:

  • RSXA Clip AirComfort®;
  • RSX Clip XL AirComfort®;
  • EVOLUTION BeComfort®;
  • FUTURA AirComfort®;
  • and our Bayanne Sunbrella®!

How to choose the style and size of zero-gravity chair for your interior décor?

At LAFUMA, we are all about diversity and inclusivity, which is why we aspire to developing a universally accessible and applicable range. It’s worth noting that some clientele will consider criteria relating to physical attributes such as chair weight, seat depth and back height. Based on our experience, the taller (6’0″ and up) and larger (200+ lbs) the chair, the better! In such cases, opt for one of our EVOLUTION, BAYANNE and FUTURA models!

What’s the maximum weight supported by LAFUMA zero-gravity (indoor) chairs?

At once foldable and portable, our indoor relaxing chairs can hold up to 300lbs in an upright seating position.

Can we customize the CANVAS COLOR of a LAFUMA MOBILIER indoor zero-gravity chair?

Absolutely! Our weightless designs are styled Granite gray, Slate gray, Coral blue and even Bordeaux, with a plethora of Batyline® fabrics and removable canvases to pick out!

How to maintain and clean your zero-gravity chair for indoor use?

Accessories adorn, but don’t necessarily maintain your indoor chair. LAFUMA’s approach is more old-school: a bucket of hot soapy water or dishwater liquid will do just the cleaning trick!

Revisiting our padded, cushioned fabrics

Did you know Sunbrella® fabrics were first used to furnish boats in the 1960s?! This fabric is treated with fluorine nanoparticles to bolster its resistance; not only to UV, water and severe weather but also accidents such as spilled drinks (think red wine!). With its soft, heathered texture – owing its roots to the luxury fashion industry –LAFUMA partner, Sunbrella®, delivers never-before-seen levels of chillaxed comfort!

What is the average lifespan of a LAFUMA MOBILIER zero-gravity chair for indoor use and what are the manufacturer’s guarantees?

Known for putting durability first, you can sleep soundly thanks to LAFUMA’s 2 guarantees: 1) a 5-year warranty; 2) 10-year repairability and a spare part service.

It’s your call. But whichever way, it’s the LAFUMA way!