Zero Gravity Chair - The Original

In recent years, zero gravity chairs have grown in popularity, with an ability to unlock weightless, stress-free experiences. It was NASA that created the "first" zero gravity chair in the 1990s to aid astronauts in adjusting to the physical demands of spaceflight. At Lafuma, our story with chairs dates back somewhat longer, forming the legacy of none other than a certain Jean Lafuma.

Retracing the origins of the zero gravity chair

With a zero-gravity chair - as its name suggests - the body is positioned to lessen the negative effects of gravity on the spine and joints. The chair may recline into a position that uniformly distributes the user's weight across the seat, giving them a weightless sensation.

Relax Translude

Casting our mind back to the 1950s, Paid Time Off (PTO) and the democratization of personal cars would pave the way for Lafuma to develop the first-ever “reclining chair”. Its purpose – fully in step with the ethos of the Lafuma brand: relax, unwind, chillax some more! Recognized today for the invention of the metal frame that revolutionized the backpack, Lafuma reinvented furniture for the day of rest with its world-famous Relax Translude model.

The latter slogan may be timeless, but Lafuma has certainly moved with the times! In the early 1970s, we created replaceable elastic suspension to facilitate the attachment of fabric to chairs. Further out, in the 1980s, we shaped a new chair posture courtesy of our Relax Superstar model, now known as the “TV position”. A posture and model that remain prevalent to this day, particularly among Formula 1 drivers and elite footballers.

Overall, zero gravity chairs are a popular choice for people who are looking for a comfortable and supportive way to relax and unwind, whether indoors or outdoors. History and background aside, what of the benefits of Lafuma outdoor zero gravity chairs?

4 benefits of Lafuma outdoor zero gravity chairs

1. Minimal spine stress: Lafuma worked with eminent spinal specialist, Dr. Pierre Joffard, to craft the ultra-convenient zero gravity chair for spines by synchronizing the synthesis of the two angles, 127° and 133°, needed to master the now universal lying down position.

2. Maximum circulation: Elevating the feet above the heart improves circulation by promoting blood flow throughout the body, which can minimize edema. The Lafuma Relax model is all about lightness. Lightness in your day, your mind, your lungs, your body, and of course, your heart. Don’t just stare at a Lafuma chair, clutch it, use it, and discover how the blood flows more easily, bringing you a less heavy heart.

Benefits of zero-gravity chairs

3. Zero strain: By leveraging our Air Comfort® technology, we’ve taken our product to the next level; to the frenetic age of startups where longer hours require firmer seats. Combined with our zero gravity chairs’ equal body weight distribution, you can say goodbye to joint pain!

4. Chillaxation: In this split-second world, where it’s hard to pause for thought, relaxation is a given for Lafuma. But for us, relaxation is has-been. That’s why we aspire to make zero gravity chairs for chillaxation. At Lafuma, we forge ahead with the times and trends, priding ourselves on novel ideas. Hence chillaxation. Think drifting away. Think floating in the air. Think walking on water.

The Lafuma way: enjoy our outdoor zero gravity chairs with their Unique Selling Points!

  • Caring for our planet: Acutely aware of Mother Nature, Lafuma already deploys 100%-recycled materials for cardboard packaging. Our zero gravity chairs are crafted using materials to blend in the background, at one with nature. What’s more, they’re durable since they’re LONGTIME® label certified. Not to mention that they are guaranteed for 5 years!

  • Protecting from UV rays: Equipped with Batyline® fabric, Lafuma zero gravity chairs are shaped to guarantee best-in-class UV resistance, which means no color fading from those glaring sun rays!

  • Championing exercise: Across the board, Lafuma zero gravity chairs are made from High Tensile (HLE) steel tubing. Many athletes have lauded Lafuma zero gravity chairs and use them during routines, alternating between relaxation and exercise. Not just a chair, but an all-purpose gym apparatus.

  • Embracing diversity and inclusion: Lafuma chairs are now fashioned in a gender-neutral, unisex style. Not just to resonate with the times. Nor as a fad. But because our zero gravity chairs help to spark special moments of social interaction for people. Gender-inclusive chairs for diverse people who need ebullient encouragement rather than constant criticism in these divisive times.

  • Spotlighting the ‘French touch’: Proud of its French heritage, Lafuma zero gravity chairs imbue a sense of France’s terrasse culture. With their state-of-the-art adjustment capabilities and robust resistance, our Made in France zero gravity chairs comingle, whatever the setting.

Lafuma outdoor zero gravity chairs: put your back in to it!

Our patented elastomer clip system bolsters your back, lending invaluable and flexible support through Lafuma technology that instantly clips/unclips fabric to cater to your every need, wherever and whenever.

In terms of back support, Lafuma’s outdoor zero gravity chairs stand out from the competition for two reasons. 

  1. Their patented zero gravity positioning which raises the legs to form a 127° angle with the body. This puts the spine in a neutral position, alleviating the pressure on your back and enhancing all-round blood circulation
  2. Our ergonomic chair design guarantees firm support for your back – and neck – including a backrest and a headrest padded with soft cushioning. The latter offers the perfect antidote to your spinal troubles since it seamlessly adapts to the curves of your back. Now for the different types of zero gravity chairs.

4 types of zero gravity chairs

1. Manual zero gravity chairs: Their position can be adjusted by hand with help of its armrests or leaning back and has a removable head cushion to enable greater comfort. This applies to Lafuma’s reclining chair models.

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2. Electric zero gravity chairs: These chairs can be repositioned more precisely using an electric motor. Often bulky and rooted to one position, Lafuma prefers to style more compact “manual” models that can be easily folded and carried.

3. Zero gravity massage chairs: These chairs combine zero gravity positioning with massaging capabilities and often showcase heating and vibration features.

4. Zero gravity rocking chairs: These furniture pieces incorporate the advantages of zero gravity orientation with the mild rocking action of a conventional rocking chair.

To recap, NASA developed the "first" zero gravity chair in the 1990s to help astronauts overcome the physical strain of space travel.

As for Lafuma, we have played the chair game for over half a century. From a general standpoint, the advantages of zero gravity chairs – whether outdoor or indoor – are plain to see: decreased joint pressure, increased circulation and reduced spinal stress… Lafuma’s zero gravity chairs come with the added benefit of our unique clip system. As such, our zero gravity chairs are not one-size-fits-all, but every size for everyone.

At Lafuma Mobilier, our watchwords are relaxation and comfort and as one of the trailblazers behind reclining chairs with Relax, we’re proud trend followers and trendsetters. This dichotomy defines Lafuma’s DNA, by blending a tried-and-tested, vintage style with a contemporary, progressive vision.

Not content to sit on the chair, we fashion it. In today’s world, relaxation and comfort are no longer enough. It’s time to chillax and unwind with a Lafuma outdoor zero gravity chair!