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LAFUMA camping chairs are known for their comfort and durability. With a 5-year warranty and fabrics resistant to UV rays and moisture, these folding camping chairs can be taken anywhere: camping, caravanning, or spontaneous getaways. They allow you to enjoy nature while offering an invitation to travel and explore new landscapes. You'll always be seated comfortably!
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Recent years have played host to an uptick in neo-minimalist, neo-nomad lifestyle trends. A time where technology rhymes with nature. Despite this nomadic way of life, people seek meaning to reenergize, even in their most remote getaways. Which is why you also need the right chair for camping!

Folding camping chairs – FAQs

Below, we reveal all when it comes to your requisite camping reclining chair!

How to clean folding camping chairs

Like our designs, we believe cleaning folding chairs for camping should be seamless! By seamless, we mean simple and efficient. Good old-fashioned soap and a brush will suffice, and failing that, a dash of dishwater? Just remember not to over-brush!

How to store folding camping chairs

"Foldable" is our watchword and before you can say “LAFUMA,” your compact camping chair (3 to 5 inches deep) will fold up! Mindful of the icy winters and sizzling summers experienced on both American coastlines, we suggest storing your camping furniture in a ventilated indoor space such as a shed or garage.

Folding camping chairs – how to choose the perfect chair for camping

Picking a chair for camping is not so straightforward, after all…! To get your bearings straight, consider some essential bodily-related questions such as the width and
inclination of the seat and material(s) used, not to mention available types of chair heads and backrests!

What’s so special about a camping reclining chair?

Similar to our other camping furniture, with their all-terrain independently-adjustable, foldable telescopic legs, our folding chairs for camping showcase some neat technical specifications:

Style over substance? LAFUMA caters to small, big, and xl chair camping!

As our ethos goes, there never is one-size-fits-all! First thing’s first: keep in mind
climate conditions as a steel camping chair frame will fare better than aluminum
in the wind whereas the water-repellent Batyline® Iso fabric is your best bet in rainier regions.

Next up is style, or “esthetics” as we like to call it. Whether nature or technology is
more your thing, our folding camping chairs benefit from a palette of colors –including  beige, black, blue and brown – coupled with tube finishes ranging from the more earthy Taupe, Océan and Ciel to the more industrial and contemporary steel.

Last but not least is size, and our Alu Cham®  XL chair camping range can hold up to 300 lbs.!

Prioritize comfort and practivality with a LAFUMA camping chair!

Mirroring our RELAX® zero-gravity chairs, we believe that comfort and practicality
should be ever-lasting, but in step with and setting the trends! That’s why we
continually adjust our Alu Cham® models, now with five backrest options, making
it your perfect vacation companion!

What materials make folding chairs for camping?

Because luxury and sustainability are one and the same, we care about Mother Nature, constantly aspiring to use the most virtuous, eco-friendly materials on the market. Our corrosion-resistant HLE steel and aluminum have proven robustness, while our fabrics use non-irritant polyester thread while resisting all environmental conditions.

Where there’s a camping chair, there’s sometimes beaches!

We know all too well that nomadic adventures can also stretch as far as the beach.
LAFUMA’s LOW CHAIR models double up, whether your chair for camping is pitched by tree or sand. These practical pieces boast anti-pinch folding, UV protective lacquer coating, not forgetting reinforced stitching. And to protect your chairs, and more
importantly, stop your fingers from trapping, why not buy one of our transport bags or straps which we sell separately!?

Are LAFUMA camping and beach chairs light and easy to transport?

Portability is one of our core values. It’s why our camping furniture and beach chairs respectively weigh a maximum of 8 and 3 lbs. With increasingly large cars (and trunks), that jolly picnic outing or cheeky 3-day weekend getaway has never been easier!

Folding camping chairs: the proof is in the… camping!

Most recently, LAFUMA’s camping chair know-how received the best possible
recognition, from the global-leading, ecotourism trailblazer – Huttopia. The latter provided a fitting testimonial to the Made in France furniture creator by displaying multiple models of its Alu Cham® folding chairs for camping and Pop Up chairs on its promotional website.

The proof really is in the camping and the only way is LAFUMA!