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LAFUMA offers a wide range of zero-gravity recliners, designed to help you relax in a position that makes you feel weightless. Seated comfortably in our recliners, you'll appreciate the superior quality of our products, backed by a 5-year warranty, and made in France, with numerous mattress options and replacement parts available. Foldable and easy to transport, these reclininig chairs can accompany you both indoors and outdoors or on your nomadic vacations.
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What is a zero-gravity chair?

ItÔÇÖs a relaxing chair for indoors and outdoors that can be reclined to the zero-gravity position, which makes you feel weightless and is perfect for improving blood circulation and relieving pain in the back, legs, and neck.

Why choose a LAFUMA zero-gravity chair?

The LAFUMA zero-gravity chair provides exceptional comfort and a 5-year-warrenty. It has an adjustable or integral head cushion to hold your neck. It is portable and practical, as it is compact, foldable, and lightweight. Our zero-gravity chairs are durable and carefully designed with high-quality and UV-resistant materials, such as HLE steel frames and replaceable fabrics.

Which zero-gravity chair is best for you?

  • The R Clip┬áoffers unbeatable value for money, folds up in a second and┬áis the ideal partner for relaxation at home or when travelling.
  • The RSXA Clip┬áprovides better back support than the R Clip; it has foam armrests and an ergonomic head cushion. The RSXA Clip XL version has larger dimensions, wider seat and higher back.
  • Evolution and Bayanne provide additional comfort for tall people┬áthrough the absence of top and bottom cross-pieces.