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LAFUMA outdoor zero gravity chairs are particularly suitable for use on your terrace, in your garden, or on your nomadic getaways. Thanks to their technical fabrics, which are resistant to UV rays and moisture and easy to maintain with quick-drying capabilities, you will appreciate their strength and durability, which are guaranteed for 5 years.
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With the new nomadic way of living, there can only be one answer. Cryptic, we know, but that’s right – our ultra-comfort lawn reclining chairs are built to last and here to stay! Whether you’re feeling cozy, camped indoors, or more likely outside – gleefully whiling away the hours in the garden or peacefully perched on your terrace, our relaxing chair is for you!

Relaxation is the name of the game! But as with any purchasing decision, choosing proves tricky and your personal needs mean differences, requiring more in-depth awareness. FAQ drum roll please!

Lawn reclining chairs – FAQs

Below, we address consumer hot topics when it comes to our famed zero-gravity lounge chair!

How can a zero-gravity reclining chair help?

While NASA may have fashioned the first zero-gravity chair which dates (way!) back, as fas as the 1970s, LAFUMA repurposed it for impactful comfort. The key benefit is the zero-gravity position, which elevates your legs to form a 127° angle with the body. Not only does this put the spine “into neutral,” but it also alleviates back pressure to fuel your blood circulation. “Relax” for the win!

What of the differences in the clipped models?

  • At the lower end of the pricing spectrum, our RClip models manually perfect the comfort of your relaxing chair.
  • Meanwhile, our Futura and RSXA Clip ranges come with fixed armrests, a protective footrest bar and 4 non-slip pads – all designed to accentuate your chillaxed
  • Lastly, LAFUMA’s Evolution brand is simply ultra. Ultra-comfort, ultra-purpose, ultra-size. Its state-of-the-art clip system removes all crosspieces in the back and leg rests. So, whether you’re taller, larger or smaller, its clean, elegant design is made for you!

How do you protect outdoor zero-gravity chairs?

3 measures, in order of priority. Number one: use our protective storage covers that you can buy for all LAFUMA zero-gravity chairs (not included). Number two: keep your lawn reclining chairs in a ventilated space such as a garden shed or garage. And number three: you could do a lot worse than a waterproof tarpaulin to protect your zero-gravity reclining chair from heat and humidity.

Discovering the LAFUMA zero-gravity reclining chair

Whichever LAFUMA furniture you purchase, you’re selecting a product Made in France, not China. That can only guarantee one thing: longevity, coupled with a 5-year warranty! Decked in colors ranging from Moss, Seigle, Océan, Magnolia and Chlorophylle – harmoniously reflecting nature – our zero-gravity reclining chairs share many useful technical specifications:

  • Quick to fold and compact size;
  • Steel tube frames to ensure all-round sturdiness;
  • Elastomer clip suspension systems, to fit whatever purpose you have in mind;
  • Fixed armrests and chair position stabilizers, taking comfort and safety to the next level;
  • Intuitive canvas removal which guarantees a first-class performance in terms of ergonomics and practicality;
  • Last but not least, our globally-recognized zero-gravity position!

Exploring the benefits of zero-gravity outdoor chairs

In this hyper-connected, super-opinionated age where ratings are all the rage, it would be wrong to simply list the manifold benefits of our zero-gravity outdoor chairs. Decade after decade, LAFUMA has championed quality, and indeed quality, is synonymous with the benefits that follow!

First and foremost, all our zero-gravity chair is crafted with Batyline® fabric, which is both tear- and UV-resistant. Hey presto, no!?

Second, and much like our pool furniture and folding camping chairs, LAFUMA lawn reclining chairs are label-certified. This makes our furnishing designs a standard bearer of firmness and durability. Now that’s what we call powerful!

Third, our zero-gravity reclining chair is boosted by a HEL (High Elastic Limit) to bolster the chair’s strength and adaptation to weather elements, providing it with extra-large (XL) size capabilities to withstand up to 300 lbs. No mean feat, we know!

Fourth and finally, the zero-gravity lounge chair is fitted with a padded, removable headrest cushion. Did anyone say “comfort?!”

True to our business ethos, we actively listen to and follow the trends set by our trailblazing, fast-responsive and culturally aware clientele. After all, the client is king – or queen – n’est-ce pas ? The choice is yours, but if you want to immerse yourself in the LAFUMA way, why not sit back, Relax and flick through our relaxation guide today!