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Our LAFUMA outdoor furniture range allows you to furnish your patio, backyard, or poolside with comfortable and durable furniture, backed by a 5-year warranty. Discover our easy-to-transport and store nomadic products. You'll appreciate the unique design and style, conceived and manufactured in France for an authentic French way of living.
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May seem a stupid question, but definitions are important! Pool furniture is essentially outdoor or patio furniture that not only decks out the poolside with style, but also maximizes your comfort and well-being. It can be broken down into two categories, namely deckchairs and sunloungers. So, how do you decide? It’s time for some FAQs!


Below, we tackle the burning questions on all things pool furniture. Ready, set, sunbathe!

Outdoor pool furniture – What’s the difference between a deckchair and a sunlounger?

Getting the right pool patio furniture depends on your exact needs. A sunlounger or chaise longue - as it’s often known in the United States - lets you lie down. Its purpose: to soak up the sun. On the flip side, a deckchair equals folding! No stress; you can still kick back and relax, albeit in a semi-reclined position.

Are LAFUMA deckchairs built to withstand severe weather?

Is that a rhetorical question?! At LAFUMA, durability is one of our watchwords. To put it more technically, we take pride in the steel structure used for every single one of our deckchairs. Its epoxy treatment is rust resistant and will withstand the lashing rain!

Choosing your LAFUMA deckchair or sunlounger – pool patio furniture

LAFUMA’s multi-purpose, compact design ensures optimal comfort with generous seats catering to all body types for maximum weight of 300 lbs. Our standout pool furniture includes the Siesta L AirComfort® Steel sunlounger with its dual sunbather/bed function, elastic suspension system and sturdy steel frame, not to mention ultra-permeable, breathable materials. Another must for outdoor pool furniture is our Maxi Tansat Plus BeComfort® deckchair with its 4-position safety rack system, ecofriendly BeComfort® padding to guarantee UV resistance, and not forgetting that all-important adjustable headrest!

How to choose outdoor pool furniture for your personal space?

4 key criteria come to mind, and guess what?! LAFUMA’s got you covered!

  • Comfort: 100% guaranteed, through our AirComfort® seat pads (sunloungers), zero front-seat cross braces (deckchairs) and ample dimensions (2 ½ inch extra seat width).
  • Durability: our pool patio furniture is steel-manufactured, with a 5-year warranty.
  • Esthetics: because we believe in the art of living, our designs blend in with your surroundings, at one with nature!
  • Portable flexibility: our Maxi Transat Plus® pool furniture has an ergonomic folding system, removable canvas and 4 protective foot glides for outdoor use.

LAFUMA takes pride in its range of folding outdoor chairs. Why? Because they’re all LONGTIME® label-certified.

The latter is a global, independent label for consumers, designed to incentivize the circular economy while championing the repair sector. Thanks to this labeling distinction, we provide customers with assurances that our Made in France outdoor chairs have proven reliability, along with the robustness and repairability needed to stand the test of time.

Extending the lifespan of our products, the LONGTIME® label serves to encourage more responsible consumption while recognizing our efforts to adopt eco-minded manufacturing practices and care for our planet with resources safeguarded and premature waste kept to a minimum!

What materials do we use in our pool furniture?

Our poolside furniture is weaved with Batyline® Iso fabric. Equipped with protective chair material coating and multi-filament polyester thread to reduce rust and corrosion and thus increase product durability, this fabric presents 4 added-value benefits: they do not leak water; are UV-resistant; difficult to tear; and easy to clean.

What colors and designs does LAFUMA MOBILIER pool patio furniture come in?

At LAFUMA, we believe that genuine luxury translates into space. Our NATURA® pool furniture does just the trick, with its Ciel, Terre, Moss and Canyon colors evoking plants, minerals and the natural elements. In this spirit, outdoor pool furniture should not stand out; rather harmoniously fit in! Not content to stay rooted in age-old traditions, we have also embraced the sleeker, more minimalist modern design as exemplified by our BeComfort® deckchairs which are tinged with dark grey and silver.

How long does it take to deliver LAFUMA MOBILIER pool furniture?

We get it; life is frenetic. You lead a fast-paced life. Rest assured; your poolside delivery is our top priority! Once you receive order confirmation, our tireless teams prepare within 2 days for delivery no later than 1 week!

Can I easily fold LAFUMA MOBILIER pool patio furniture for storage?

As a best-in-class furniture maker, we pride ourselves on two guiding principles: lightness and portability. We can safely say that both attributes apply to our pool furniture, whether it’s deckchairs and sunloungers. What’s more, because LAFUMA products are crafted to take up minimal space.

What’s the best way to maintain and clean your outdoor pool furniture?

Thanks to the set-up of our deckchairs and sunloungers, which are woven with polyester fabrics using techniques that leverage the heavy fastening and ultra-resistant strength of 3D mesh, customers enjoy minimal maintenance. On top of that, because of LAFUMA’s laser focus on designing premium patio pool furnishings that are made to last year-on-year, we rarely receive a call from our customers in the first 5 years.

That said, just as you’re on the go, so is our customer service department with a fast-response team in place, in case, covering all 5 days of the working week. Collectively, our customer representatives pride themselves on the fact that up to 90% of queries are either answered or resolved within a 24-hour period! LAFUMA also provides storage covers for every single one of its products. As for cleaning, a damp sponge and a little soap was never a bad idea. Simple and effective. Like the choice you have to make!

Just remember, whichever way is the LAFUMA way!