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LAFUMA is known for its wide range of lounge chairs, including our famous POP UP foldable butterfly chairs. Available in various colors and technical fabrics, these chairs are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use - in the living room, a bedroom, or easily taken with you in the trunk of your car. Choose from vibrant Airlon fabrics to technical Becomfort®or Sunbrella®cushioning. Enjoy their comfort on your leisurely moments.
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To define a folding butterfly chair is to define its purpose. At LAFUMA, we’re all about relaxing and chillaxing some more! Our designs are a sign of the times, before redesigning ahead of them. Which is why our outdoor butterfly chair is primarily intended to maximize your comfort and practicality (and be pleasing on the eye, naturally!).

Folding butterfly chair – FAQs

Always a step ahead of the chair game, we know what you’re thinking. These butterfly chairs look swish, but can I honestly store them securely and easily by folding them up? Read on for our response!

Does a butterfly chair fold up?

The long and short of it is yes! For 2 reasons.

Number one: the folding butterfly chair is furnished with our patented ultra-resistant elastomer clips which deliver never-before-seen folding capabilities.

Number two: the LAFUMA outdoor butterfly chair comes equipped with a removable polyester ring to enable a super practical fastening and “umbrella-style” folding mechanism!

Time to break down the practical instructions for you real quick: simply hold the butterfly chair backrest. Then hold one of the armrests, and hey presto, your chair gently closes. Was folding ever more practical?!

Discovering our folding butterfly chair collection

Ranging from warmer Garance red hues and Curry hints to a natural, soil brown and industrial, minimalist gray, there’s a color for you! On top of that, LAFUMA is a proud standard bearer of diversity and inclusion, which is one of the reasons the French creator has expanded its collection to include XL butterfly chairs that can support up to 242 lbs.

Understanding the shared specs of the outdoor butterfly chair

LAFUMA outdoor butterfly chairs have 6 key features in common:

  • High chair backs that serve to elevate relaxation to pure chillaxing!
  • UV-resistant, polyester paint elastomer articulations to enable a best-in-class folding design.
  • A removable canvas and umbrella folding mechanism, ensuring unmatched flexibility.
  • Removable fastening ring and stabilizer foot pads.
  • Cushion and padding varieties, designed for all occasions.
  • Machine washable fabric, which we recommend handwashing with soap, or failing that, in soapy water using a damp microfiber cloth or towel.

Exploring the benefits of the outdoor butterfly chair

Our outdoor butterfly chair enjoys 4 vital benefits:

  • Ergonomics, with its generous seating design.
  • Durability, demonstrated by the LONGTIME® label, HLE (High Elastic Limit) steel structure, not to mention our 5-year warranty!
  • Esthetics, thanks to an effortless, understated design inspired by the luxury-fashion world.
  • Made in France; the cultural driving force behind our timeless folding butterfly chair

What are the use cases of the folding butterfly chair?

The Made in LAFUMA folding butterfly chair boasts 3 distinctive features or use cases.

Number one: our pop-up chairs crafted with Batyline® are specially suited to outdoor environments such as around swimming pools, notably due to the resistance of this particular canvas.

Number two is our Airlon canvas. With its dazzling and daring colors, it’s a veritable fashion statement, blending into environments both indoors and outdoors. If that weren’t enough, this removable fabric can be easily changed to reflect your changing needs and preferences whichever party you throw or event you choose to host!

As for the third use case, our Sphinx Sunbrella® model, combining a robust metal structure and elegant silhouette to spruce up your living or chillaxing space – whether basking on the terrace or cozying up indoors! What’s more, its patented spindle folding system and Tundra Sunbrella® quilted canvas make it the best butterfly chair, fusing comfort, style, repairability and durability.

Lastly, let’s just say we run a ‘tight cost-effective ship’ when it comes to our outdoor butterfly chair models. Enough said; so, what are you waiting for? Escape your cocoon and embrace the butterfly!