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LAFUMA offers a range of accessories specially designed to complement our products. Cup holders and umbrellas are the perfect additions to your zero gravity chair. Easy to install and use, you'll enjoy your LAFUMA products even more.
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At LAFUMA, details matter. That’s why we strive to complement our furniture with the most stylish accessories such as the cup holder for reclining chairs, sunshade and transport strap.

FAQs for the Zero-Gravity Chair Cup Holder

How exactly does a cup holder for reclining chairs work? Get ready to dive right in as we explain all!

How to add a cup holder to reclining chairs

Our zero-gravity chair cup holder provides ultra-comfort to our zero-gravity chair collection thanks to their intuitive clip-on system intended for all our chair models.

Enjoying a lazy moment but need to keep track of time by placing your watch somewhere? Or maybe you’re browsing your smartphone or simply partaking of a thirst-quenching refreshment! Whatever the circumstances, a LAFUMA cup holder for reclining chairs are fit for purpose!

Why choose a Zero-Gravity Chair Cup Holder?

There’s a reason the zero-gravity chair cup holder is our number one accessory. Thanks to a partnership with Broplast and Wobz (two local-minded companies based in the same region of France as LAFUMA with respective know-how in thermoplastic waste management and digital printing), our cup holder tablet is made of 100% recycled materials with ecoresponsible plastic! Ergonomics, check! Sustainability, double check!

Which LAFUMA chairs are compatible with the cup holder for reclining chairs?

More than we can list, notably the RELAX® R Clip®, Futura®, Evolution® and RSX® models, not to mention our Alu Low® and Alu Cham® ranges.

4 top tips on how to use the Zero-Gravity Chair Cup Holder

Simply install our cup holder tray using our two intuitive rotating clip fasteners.

Remember our tablets can hold two drinks containers of varying sizes – whether bottles, flasks, cans or actual glasses!

There’s room for portable objects such as smartphones and books.

Enjoyed a doze in your relaxing zero-gravity chair? Don’t forget to remove the cup holder when you eventually fold it back up! Alternatively, why not buy two cup holders, placing them either side of your chair?! That way, you can chillax to your heart’s content if you’re planning a prolonged relaxation session!

Uncovering the distinctive features of the Zero-Gravity Chair Cup Holder

First, its polypropylene material is lightweight and eco-virtuous. Plus, its low density makes it easily portable. Second, our zero-gravity chair cup holder is proudly Made in France – a hallmark of enduring, esthetic quality.

Is the cup holder for reclining chairs sturdy, durable and protective?

Because we believe luxury equates to first-class materials, we pre-test the polypropylene we use to guarantee robustness. Also, polypropylene’s anti-corrosive, chemically-resistant and electrical insulation properties make it exceptionally durable. And the icing on the cake? Its low moisture absorption ensures your protection, neither retaining water nor soaking up those blistering UV rays!

How about additional LAFUMA accessories?

While the list keeps expanding, here are two of our essentials!

Sunshade: our black matte sunshade sports a sleek, contemporary look. Lightweight (just over 1 lb.) with a multipurpose modular adjustment system, it is designed for round tubing up to an inch in diameter. These combined specs make it the ideal antidote to cooling off in the summer sun!

Transport strap: new nomads are forever on the go! Cue our transport strap with its woven ultra-strong material and 2 flexible fixing hooks. Sizing up at 30 inches, its versatility caters to many of our products (Alu Cham®, Maxi Transat®, Relax®).